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It is a system for processing of the images especially designed for leaf analysis. It consists of a light-box, a coloured high resolution camera and software for the images processing which operates with Windows. The system is suitable for phytopathology applications combining high accuracy and maximum automation.

Provides automatic measuring of the healthy and unhealthy area. It measures and analyzes the area, length, width, perimeter, angle, average of the radiuses, variability of the radiuses, interrelationship of the variability of the radiuses and the average radiuses, circularity, elongation and shape factor. The system provides the ability for statistical processing of the measurements.

The system has been specifically designed for dendrometrists and dendrochronologists looking for a precise and efficient way to measure annual tree-ring widths and other related parameters (minimum, maximum and average density, earlywood width and more).

The system can analyses tree-rings from wood disks, cores, X-ray films and images produced by film less digital X-ray systems.