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Water level meters

High quality water level meters with flat or coaxial round cable. With optical and acoustic indication. Cable length: from 15 up to 800m.


Testing systems for borehole pipes

They are portable instruments with ultrasounds, which tests the continuity of the boreholes.

Submersible borehole cameras

Complete camera systems for testing of boreholes.

Bottom samplers

Depth meters and mapping systems for the bottom


Turbidity sensors

Profile measuring systems for open water and groundwater (CTD, etc.)

Coasts monitoring stations and logging of qualitative parameters

The system measures and logs: pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, the appearance and the thickness of oil. In case of oil appearance (or/and limits excesses of the other parameters), the system sends SMS automatically with the description of the alarm. The communication is via GPRS telemetry.

Oil detecting systems for boreholes

This system detects the differentiation of the optical condition of the water via IR sensors and sends alarm.

Instruments for indication and adjustment of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen in tanks

Ozone generating devices

Portable / Laboratory / Pocket

instruments for measuring of qualitative parameters of water (pH, conductivity, turbidity, temperature, etc.).


Simple colorimetric kits for fast evaluation of ions concentration. The kits are optical and don't require any device for the reading of their measurements

Colorimeters / Spectrophotometers

Portable and laboratory spectrophotometers / colorimeters. They provide fast, digital, photometric analysis for more than 40 of the most important water quality parameters. Some of these parameters are the following: Ammonia, Bromine, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Copper, Cyanide, Fluoride. Ca Hardness, Mg Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate, Phosphorus, Zinc.