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It is able to implement long time measurements with multiple sampling chambers. It is able to measure 8 different chambers and it can be expanded up to 24 chambers. It is suitable for implementation of soil quality tests according to ISO 14240-1 for the determination of microbial biomass of samples. The system operates completely independently, without the use of PC and it is able to log the measurements.

It has IRGA analyzers for measuring of CO2 and H2O. It features automatic zero operation for CO2 and H2O. It is able to operate with the techniques of open and closed chamber. It measures differential and absolute measurements. It features build in coloured LCD display. To the display are shown the measurements as graphical presentations, simultaneously for many parameters. To the display are shows simultaneously in numbers the measurements of at least 4 parameters. The instrument is suitable for photosynthesis measurements with the addendum of the proper chambers and sensors.