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Total Solar Radiation (Rs) class A and Class B sensors

Class Α and Class B pyranometers according to WMO and ISO 9060.

Total Solar Radiation (Rs) sensors, Semiconductor type

The sensor is calibrated with the use of standard thermopile sensor in conditions of natural light.

NET Radiation (Rn) sensors

Classic type with two flexible domes or new technology with inflexible domes

It measures the total and diffuse radiation and the sunshine duration. It can measure to the total solar radiation spectrum or to the PAR or LUX spectrum.

Specific wavelength sensors

It is sensor that can be adjusted to measure in specific wavelength range.The sensor can measure simultaneously in one, two or four spectrum ranges.

Absolute Spectral Radiometer

They are standards for testing and calibration
of sunphotometer sensors at
the field.

First Class Pyrheliometer

For the measuring of direct solar radiation.


For the measuring of the spectrum optical

Sunshine Duration sensors

RED / FAR RED, PAR sensors