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Autonomous digital Rain recorder

It has aerodynamic shape in order the accuracy to be affected less by the air.
The measuring method is the “tipping buckets” method. With the leveling mechanism of the sensor, the user can level the tipping bucket mechanism and also the rain collecting funnel.
This characteristic makes this sensor maybe the most accurate rain gauge. Its data logger has extremely small dimensions.It operates with normal batteries.

Autonomous digital Evaporation meter

The instrument consists of a level sensor, a stainless steel class A evaporation pan, a digital data logger and a software.

The options for the power supply are either normal batteries or solar panel or 220 V.

Autonomous digital data logger for Total (Global) – Diffuse Solar Radiation and Sunshine Duration

It measures and logs the total and diffuse radiation in W/m2. It logs the sunshine duration. It doesn’t require periodical adjustments and alignment to the poles. It doesn’t have and doesn’t require any moving part, like shade ring, motors, etc. It is able to operate in every altitude. It has 7 thermopile type sensors, under a glass dome. It has internal heating system which can be used for melting the ice and the snow to the glass dome. The measurements can be transferred by a PC, by PDA or by mobile telephony.