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They are stations with high accuracy for the measuring and logging of wind potential.
The measurements of these stations are the base for the construction of the Wind Parks which produce electric energy. The stations consist of the following parts:


The standard heights of masts are 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m

Data Logger

They are special data loggers which log the average, minimum, maximum wind speed and the standard deviation.


Because of the high importance of the measurements, they are used only first class sensors.
The measurements are received usually per 10 meters profile.

Power supply – connection

The power supply of the stations is based only on photovoltaic systems. The communication
for the measurements transferring is based on mobile telephony data lines.

Due to the height of the stations, the masts are painted with red – white colours, while at their top part they have lamp.

Our company has installed and supports more than 200 wind potential measuring stations