Data loggers for complex applications

They are data loggers with very high accuracy with ability to accept decades of sensors. They have the ability to send alarm messages with many settings. They are compatible with the most communication protocols of the digital sensors, such as SDI 12, modbus, etc.

Classic Data loggers for analogue sensors

They have a lot of analogue signal inputs. They can accept extensions to their analogue inputs at the future. The most of them feature digital LCD and keypad for the presentation of the measurements, testing procedures and programming procedures.

Data loggers with limited inputs

This kind of data loggers have the following characteristics:
• Number of inputs: from 4 up to 8
• Easy programming
• Easy connection of the sensors
• Simple communication protocols
• Support of simple telemetry
These data loggers are used to small meteorological stations, which must be carried from the one place to the other. They accept sensors with analogue or pulse outputs.

Data loggers for plug and play sensors

They don’t require complex programming. The sensors are recognized automatically upon their connection to these data loggers. They have programmed sampling rate of the measurements and programmed logging interval of the averages.