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Portable Profile Soil Moisture system

The user can install unlimited number of access tubes, in order with just one instrument to be able to measure and log the profile of soil moisture into unlimited spots. It measures and logs the soil moisture per 10 cm depth. It has big digital display where the measurements are shown in numbers and also in graphs.

The user at any time can recall the stored measurements and to see them to the instrument’s display. The user can also transfer the measurements to a PC as simple ASCII file. Practically the instrument provides the ability to the user to create immediately the irrigation programming.

Portable TDR system for Profile Soil Moisture measuring

It doesn’t require installation tubes and big holes to the ground. It operates based on TDR method (Time Domain Reflectometry / Reflections measuring in time). For that reason, it has memory for the measurements storing.

The user can works manually, while he/she is scanning and seeing the soil moisture from the specific measuring point at the instrument’s display. It can operates also automatically as a data-logger. Except from the probes that measure in 5 different depths, the instrument can accepts probes with more or less sensors. Portable measuring system for profile

Portable measuring system for profile Soil Moisture with standard measured depths

This profile system measures with accuracy the soil moisture to 4 or 6 different depths. The system measures using special tubes which are installed permanently into the ground.

In this case, many sensors can be connected to a data – logger in order to have continuous logging of the soil moisture. The system is able to give reliable measurements in any type of soil including soft soil and soil with very high salinity.

Soil Moisture Sensor

It can be installed for short or long time into the ground, but also it can be installed permanently. The sensor is factory precalibrated for almost all the types of crop soils and it can operates with several irrigation systems.

It can be connected to the portable instrument that displays the soil moisture measurements or to a digital data logger

Soil Moisture Sensor with Spikes

It is suitable even for permanent installation into the ground. The measuring principle is the electromagnetic and doesn’t require consumables or maintenance.

Profile Soil Moisture Sensor

The measuring method is capacitive with transmission of high frequency electromagnetic pulses to the ground. The sensor measures from complete dry soil, up to complete saturated soil.

Soil Moisture, Conductivity and Temperature Meter

The system comes with an electronic device for the displaying of the measurements, which is controlled by an internal microprocessor and it has an easy to read digital display. The sensor is able to be connected to a data logger for continuous measurements on the field.

Profile Soil Salinity / Moisture Data Logger

Electronic system for the measuring of profile soil moisture and soil conductivity, up to 16 different depths. The sensor is installed into a special tube. The tube is installed permanently into the soil. It is factory pre-calibrated in order to measure immediately and without any calibration in any type of soil. The length of the tube is 1 or 1.6 m. The measuring principle is the high frequency electromagnetic. The sensor includes a data logger. The downloading of the measurements can be done either with a portable PC or via GPRS (INTERNET).

Soil moisture, temperature and salinity profile measurement sensor

The sensor accurately measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity. It is fully encapsulated, quick and easy to install and can be fully buried to reduce the risk of machine damage.The sensors are available in four lengths:

  • 30 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 90 cm
  • 120 cm 

The sensors are installed in increments of 10 cm. You can get a sensor of any length of your choice:

  1. humidity and ground temperature sensors
  2. humidity and soil temperature and salinity sensors
It is also available as a single point sensor, 10 cm long